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1 Way Clear White 4 inch Reflective Square Raised Traffic Pavement Markers, 1.27 ea, Case of 50

Price: $63.50

Our clear 1-way prismatic retroreflective abrasion resistant square raised traffic pavement marker is made of a durable ABS plastic shell filled with a tightly adherent potting compound. The shell contains one glass covered prismatic retroreflective face as required to reflect light from a single direction. The shell is molded of methyl methacrylate conforming to ASTM D788 Grade 8. The surface consists of thin untempered glass bonded to the prismatic retroreflective faces to provide an extremely hard durable abrasion resistant surface. The area covered by the glass is not less than 19.35 square centimeters (3.00 square inches). The outer surface of the shell is smooth except for purposes of identification. The base of the marker is free from gloss and substances that may reduce its bond to adhesive. Color conforms to the color requirements of ASTM D4280. The test method is provided in ASTM 4280 should it be required.

Case Quantity: 50

Color: White Marker with Clear Lens
Size: 4 inches wide x 4 inches long x 0.75 inches tall
Slope of Reflecting Face: 32 degrees to base
Area of Reflecting Face: 21.0 square centimeters (3.25 square inches)